GSQ Solutions Ltd was established on 19 July 2019 with our mission being,

Setting Standards

To provide Accredited Specialised Security Qualifications and Training, Consultancy Services and Solutions on a Global Platform that addresses the current emerging needs

To ensure our clients have access to the Highest levels of expertise and service, GSQ Solutions Ltd operates through an in-house Core team of qualified specialist security professionals. Support is provided through their sister companies, which include a UK
regulated Awarding Organisation, N.I.Security Qualifications Ltd (NISQ), and an approved Specialist Security Training Company, PraesumNI Ltd (PNI). All staff hold current security clearances and adhere to national standards and best practice guidelines set by specific professional bodies. GSQ Solutions Ltd has implemented strict in-house quality procedures that ensure professional conduct and accuracy.

  • Specialist security subject matter expertise academics, qualified consultants, and mentors
  • Specialist physical security deployment across a range of conditions and environments
  • Training and Security Solutions need analysis
  • Joint Response and Command training
  • Intelligence led surveillance solutions and capabilities training
  • Specialist Investigatory Capabilities training
  • Create, develop, and deliver new bespoke UK Regulated specialist security qualifications
  • Assess, approve, and regulate Centres for teaching, and training delivery of the NISQ Regulated Qualifications Nationally and Internationally
  • Deliver NISQ Specialised Security Qualifications through either a dedicated training facility in Northern Ireland or remotely in theatre.